Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool 4

I am no stranger to Google Docs. I have used it often in my graduate classes, especially on collaborative projects. A couple of times I was logged into my document the same time as my professor and we were able to chat about the document while making revisions.

I have also frequently used it with my students. Yearbook articles were originally typed in Google Docs so I could preview and offer suggestions before moving the text into the actual yearbook program. This saved a lot of time and re-typing for my students. We also used Google Docs Presentation for my students to create How To videos this year that I will use with new students next year. Presently, I am working with other Technology Applications teachers using Google Docs to create the new curriculum for Technology after the state revised the technology TEKS.

As for the form, I created a survey to give to my Advisory students at the beginning of the year. It is intended to get them to think about what was successful for them last year and what was not so successful. I am hoping by identifying the behaviors that were helpful last year to be able to encourage them to build on those in the coming year. I forwarded it to a couple of teachers for input and revisions.

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