Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool 3

One of the videos I selected is one I helped create in my graduate courses. The assignment was to create a one minute PSA video and post it to YouTube or TeacherTube. This is what we came up with and posted.

Creative Commons License
Stand Up to Cyberbullying by Janet Armstrong, Priscilla Summers, Charlotte Spencer, Gail Dunn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

I also like a video I found on TeacherTube about evaluating websites. Since I will be teaching web design again in the coming school year, I feel it is important to take some time to address web literacy and have students actually evaluate websites they find to see if they are credible.

I have used videos from a variety of sources in my regular classroom and in teaching adult GED classes. I am a firm believer that actually seeing something really helps cement the learning and gives students with different learning styles opportunities to grasp concepts more readily.

The new thing in this Tool for me was ViewPure. I love this tool for getting rid of all the YouTube ads and additional links that come up. This will make showing YouTube videos in class a simpler process. I also love the ability to download YouTube videos with YouTube Downloader. I have been stuck several times when the network was down and I was unable to show students web content I had planned to use in class that day.

As far as still photos, I have used Google Images and Flickr many times. I have spent hours with students trying to convey the concept of copyright. Many students feel anything they find on the Internet is free for them to use. I have previously used the video A Fair(y) Use Tale with students. If you do that, I suggest viewing it twice. The first time they try to follow all the cuts. The second time they grasp much more of the content.

I had heard of Dropbox before but hadn't created an account. I think this will be a good location to store some of the more requested photos and short videos from around the school. I have already set up a folder for yearbook photos and video for the coming school year.

Moving on to Tool 4!

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